It has been around an year since I last logged into my Facebook account and I can proudly say that I am off social media since then. Well, I am on Instagram but that is mainly for photos and creative inspiration. And boy I must tell you, it is such a relief from constant scrolling and mindless consumption of unnecessary stuff – it’s a detox for my mind in a way. This thing in itself deserve a whole blog but that’s for sometime else.

I tried dabbling with few things since my non-connective phase and one of them was enrolling myself in a film-making course. Since long I had wanted to know about the nuances of film-making and I decided to give it a shot. Following video was my first assignment for which I had to shoot a 1 min, single-shot video.

I present here – UNsocial.

Let me know your thoughts if you connect yourself with this video. And share this video with your friends and on your Facebook wall and where-not and spread the irony and become a hypocrite! 🙂



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