Have you figured it out?

“What do you actually want to do in life?”

My senior asked me. And I couldn’t utter a word for good 10 seconds.

I have been at the receiving end of this question very often since last couple of months. Every time I meet anyone these days, somehow the topic of conversation steers towards what am I doing and what is my future plan. And to be very honest, this question is spine-chilling. At least for me. Because I don’t have a concrete answer to this question and in my head, I think I should have figured it out for good by now.

Is it bad or real bad? Or is it something which is expected from a 25-to-be guy? Is it really the path towards self-discovery about which all these self-help articles on the internet say? I don’t know. From my perspective, it doesn’t look bed of roses.

It seems to me that people around me have everything set in motion. Flying out to some foreign country for work, deciding the specialization field for Masters or switching jobs where they feel their personal goals are aligned with company goals. And recent trend – sealing funding for their start-ups. I fail to understand what piece of wisdom learning I missed and others have.

A chain reaction of thoughts and questions is constantly taking place inside of my head. And out of such gazillion thoughts, one was to have this discussion with all of you – out and wide. I have been talking to people in person, asking about their perspective towards life, goals, experience so far and how they are on-course by doing what they did or are doing and I thought of scaling this conversation by involving everyone. Let’s learn from each other. Write to me – advice, something from personal journey, criticism, pity words, any damn word! If you know me personally, tell me what you observe of me and I’ll do the same for you too.

Let me start this with whatever I have – Ahirnish, 25-to-be, Dual degree in CSE from IIT-BHU. I work as a software engineer in Bangalore. I think I do decent photography and can play basic odd-time signatures on my drum-kit. I like to shoot videos and I work part-time with Myriad Hues, a professional photography firm based in Bangalore.

Please comment or mail me at ahirnish@gmail.com your thoughts. I have also created a form here. I would love to see your responses!

Let’s have a conversation. With all of us.

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Har Har Mahadev.